I’m glad to help make your dream a reality Bill. Well done sir!

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Good luck Steve!

Awesome. This town needs to be revitalized as it is. Old people...Old money...old death. I grew up here and this town has gotten more pretentious than ever due to the age gap and the "Old Money" syndrome. Like Tom Hanks said in Saving Private Ryan..."Earn it". Or mayb…

Doesn't change my perception, but I would suggest the ones who are strictly against guns and also never been around them take the time to educate themselves on them and the gun laws. Once familiar I would think their perceptions would change just a little. They will also sell knives and su…

"The gun issue has seen increased attention in Branford, with a new store, The Gun Stock, set to open in January in the center of town. The store focuses on sporting, but that does include semi-automatic rifles and handguns."

This should have been omitted from the article as …

I can't wait till they are open!

"Occupants had been coking when the power went out during the height of Hurricane Sandy. "

That was their first problem. lol.

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Nicely written account of what is currently going on with politics in Branford.

Additional parking from the other side of maple. It makes complete sense because they cannot build more parking spaces on the other side. I have been saying this for so many years. It's going to work great

Daros blatantly refused to adhere to environmental practices when dealing with the old M.I.F. building. That is a super fund site and should have been treated as such. Phase 1...2 & 3. Nothing. Contamination still exists there. And I am speaking of very bad contamination. there was…