So we have critics of the student loan forgiveness program, and the retorts is that we often pay for things we may not use, like a childless person helping fund education. Yes, there is some truth to that.

However, student debt is not like that. Student debt is a choice. You do not have to have it. You have to have healthcare, and thus it should be socialized. We should pay for healthcare collectively. We should pay for a basic level of education, and we do.

But college is optional. And more than that, the amount of debt is entirely up to you. You can complain about your 200,000 in debt for an English degree, but no one forced you to go out of state for 4 years. If you took no steps to minimize the cost of a school or get value, why can others then be expected to cover the cost? You can get that degree in-state for a fraction of the cost.

The issue many have with the government handouts is the value proposition. We talk about handing out money like its a need or some level of fairness, while we do so without looking for value on that dollar. If someone chose, of their own free will, to leave their state, a state with very viable local in-state options, to go live elsewhere, borrow money to do so, and voluntarily pay out-of-state tuition, why should I feel sorry for them?

Ill socialize healthcare all day. No one volunteers for cancer, a broken leg, or any healthcare ailment. A basic level of education? Yes.

But now, an election season grab for votes by paying for poor decision making? No. Its nonsense. Across this country are states that take tax dollars and create colleges in those states, and offer advantages to residents who go there. Many already get thousands in free college due to Pell Grants, and many states offer a ton of discounts and even free school to residents. But if you ignored all of that, chose to live in another state, pay jacked up college fees, took on loans to pay your room and board, and now get 10 grand for free? This isn't a question of fairness, its vote buying.

I'll gladly double it for anyone who went to a state school, at in- state rates and became a vital position, like a teacher or nurse. Choosing to pay drastically larger sums in another state when countless local options exist does not make you a victim or worthy or free money.

Its simply a political ploy in election season.


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90% of college degrees are worthless. Looks at all the teachers with degrees who are dumb as rocks teaching worthless subjects to your kids all day. SCHOOL VOUCHERS WILL BRING COMPETITION.


Steve’s next rant: “I couldn’t take over InfoWars so, I was forced to criticize other’s choices and give tuition advice instead.”

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