Jim Walker

Jim Walker of Stony Creek passed away on August 18, 2019 in New Haven surrounded by family. He was born with deep New Haven roots on January 14, 1947, the son of an undertaker and a debutante, Charles James Walker Jr. and Marion Judge Walker. Jim shared the family home with his sister Anne and baby brother Dick. He cut his academic teeth at Hopkins and Colgate and studied law out west. For a gambling man, law wasn't the best fit. C. James made his way to Wall St. and found a home among the numbers, deals and dreams of the financial world.

He and his wife Jennifer settled in Stony Creek in the 1960s, later joined by children Quinn and Summer. They celebrated their 50th anniversary last year. He loved being a part of his community. As a Stony Creek Association representative, Branford RTM representative and board member of BCTV, he didn't mind shaking up the status quo. Jim was a gentleman and a true friend. Always eager to listen, he beamed with happiness about others' accomplishments.

He wrote emails like people once wrote hand-written letters – with care, thought and detail. Jim carried paper maps instead of a G.P.S. A genius with directions, he successfully wound through thousands of miles of foreign roads. He preferred a newspaper to Twitter and religiously sat for the 6pm news and the weather forecast. He would inform his daughter of the impending weather in whatever far flung country she was in at the moment. A lover of song, Jim was able to relive the freedom of his youth following Quinn's music career. A lucky guy, Jim enjoyed a generous extended family of in-laws, cousins, nephews and nieces.

A celebration of his life will be held on October 5 in Stony Creek, details to follow. In lieu of flowers, please send donations in his honor to The Nature Conservancy of Connecticut, 55 Church St., 3rd Fl., New Haven, CT 06510.


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