Moira Rader

Today, Moira Rader declared victory in the Democratic primary for State Representative in the 98th District. The district includes most of Guilford and two eastern districts in Branford including the neighborhoods of Stony Creek and Pine Orchard. The current State Representative, Democrat Sean Scanlon, is not running for reelection and is the Democratic nominee for State Comptroller.

Rader announced her victory in front of supporters Tuesday night in Guilford.

“From the moment I launched my candidacy for State Representative from the 98th District, I have been overwhelmed by and immensely grateful for the extraordinary support the communities of Guilford and Branford have shown me. It has been an exhilarating several months of door knocking, phone calls, meet & greets, community events and all that goes into a thriving, hard-working campaign. I have loved the opportunity to reach as many voters as possible with my message of commitment to public service and my focus on the issues that mean the most to our district’s families. This collective hard work and outreach to the community has resulted in our primary win tonight."

"I look forward to a robust campaign for the general election on November 8, during which I will continue to connect with Guilford and Branford voters about our shared vision for Connecticut: affordable and accessible health care for all; protecting and expanding women’s reproductive rights; reinforcing mental health care supports; ensuring thriving, equitable public schools; strengthening gun safety laws; creating meaningful climate change action; and improving voter access and equity. I am extremely energized by the support of this wonderful community and look forward to being a trusted and vocal advocate for the people of the 98th district as their next State Representative.”

Rader, raised in a family of educators and creatives, is the current Vice Chair of the Guilford Board of Education. Prior to her election to the Board of Education in 2016, Rader served on the A. W Cox Elementary Advisory Board, volunteered as a K-3 religious education teacher at St. George and has given her time to many local non-profit organizations supporting families on the shoreline.

Moira and her husband of twenty years, Peter, have four children: Paedar, Maeve, Mairead and Muiriel. They call the Mulberry Point area of Guilford home, sharing it with their puppy Fionnuala. Rader holds a Bachelor of Arts from Villanova University and a Masters’ Degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. She has practiced in the fields of architecture and design for over 25 years, while also being a licensed realtor in the state of CT.


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