Letter to the Editor

To those who determine schedules for youth sports: 

I am compelled to make one comment about the Sunday morning game schedule for your consideration in the future. We are churchgoers, and as is the case with some churches, there is only one Sunday morning service, which we will now be unable to attend because of the game schedule for my child. We are all busy with work, parenting and life in general. Putting aside Sunday morning for worship is foundational to our family and to my raising our children in the manner I feel best. It is the only time in the week we hold apart for meditation and prayer, and that we get to spend fully together as a family.

I would ask that you pass my concern on to your managers for future consideration. While I understand it is inevitable that we miss some Sundays at games and tournaments, I am troubled by the fact that most regular games completely eliminate this important part of our family life.

Thank you and the other managers for your dedication, and I appreciate your time.

Mary Hauret Constantinidi


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Good luck in your noble endeavor. But it won't happen. As a former coach and schedule maker, you would have to get every town and travel league to agree to this, and that won't happen. Depending on the sport, there are just not enough fields,courts,ice times to just block out until noon on Sunday. Especially in the fall with outdoor sports when most games are played on weekends and sunlight hours get less as the season goes on. Most commissioners of the youth sports leagues understand this concern, but you'd be surprised what other requests for not scheduling at certain times they get. Everyone wants one game a week in their sport and for it to be 10:00 Saturday morning, not on a long weekend, or a vacation week or when there is something going on in town.


Back in the 1990's, when my children were young, there were only a few games and sports events on Sunday. I do notice, as a current Sunday School teacher, I see many kids missing due to sports. I know see how it is different now from 20 years ago. Clearly there are so many more town sports and groups that it is hard to accommodate them all. It doesn't make it any less frustrating, but at least I understand why it has become this way!


The explosion of travel teams over the past 2 decades has done nothing to improve the odds of your kid becoming a pro. The lines between park and rec sponsored sports and for profit travel teams continue to get blurred while they push our children towards single sport specialization. A ten year old not body is not developed to pitch 300+ innings a year. Park and Rec programs should receive scheduling priority Monday - Saturday's over any for profit teams or travel teams. Let those teams have the fields on Sundays and then it is the parents choice


So don't sign your children up for fall sports.


If you're going to block out Sundays, then you'd have to block Friday nights Saturdays for our Jewish community and a multitude of other holidays for our other religious groups. Just as anything else in life, it's up to the families to prioritize what comes first. We as a community must choose to celebrate everything or nothing because it's wrong to just choose one.


If you can't give the God you claim to believe in one hour just for Him, what exactly can you give him because you are so busy. All this family time talk is just talk and I find it amazing that you can make all these adjustments at work to attend a game or in you personal lives but you just can't fine time to fit Him in.


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