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I am supporting Bob Imperato in his run to become Branford’s State Representative in the Connecticut General Assembly. Bob’s professional background has been in business, banking and finance. That coupled with his extensive involvement in local governmental affairs, including the Board of Finance and the RTM, where he chaired the Public Services Committee and the Ways and Means Committee, all deeply involved with appropriations, expenditures, budgeting and bonding matters, make him a superior candidate for the job. This involvement has given him a real understanding of how government works and how to get things done, something that has been a serious problem in our state - and in our country.

In addition to Bob’s fiscal knowledge, he is also acutely aware of the education, environmental, jobs, health and senior issues facing us. I believe he will work diligently and fairly for Branford. Considering the difficulties in which the State of Connecticut wallows, we need a representative that will be able to hit the ground running upon arrival in Hartford. I believe Bob Imperato is that person.

Susan Barnes


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The definition of insanity is to continue to do something that has already been proven not to work.

Raising tax rates never solves a fiscal problem and often makes other problems worse, as people then change their behavior (or move away entirely) in response.

It would be insane to keep sending Democrats to the State Legislature. We can no longer afford that luxury.

Susan Barnes

You do understand Bob is NOT a Democrat. Very unclear in your comment.

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