Letter to the Editor

I am writing to show my support for Robert Imperato as Branford’s next State Representative in the 102nd district.

I believe Robert has the personal demeanor, respect, knowledge and background that uniquely qualifies him for this position.

Robert has a demonstrated public service record as a member of the Branford Board of Finance, as a Commissioner with the Water Pollution Control Authority and as a past member of the RTM serving from 2012-2018. While on the RTM, Robert served as the Chairman of the Public Services Committee and was a member of the Ways and Means Committee.

Robert’s municipal knowledge will benefit the Branford community well as our next State Representative.

Robert has demonstrated business experience in finance, banking, and default management over the past 40 years. This understanding supports Robert’s appreciation for the value of the dollar and the importance of fiscal responsibility.

Robert’s business expertise will benefit the Branford community well as our next State Representative.

Branford needs Robert Imperato’s voice in Hartford. It is no coincidence that our current representatives are not seeking re-election. They have broken the trust of the people of our state and town and it is time we put someone in Hartford who we can trust to fix it. Robert Imperato has demonstrated and gained the trust of the residents of Branford in every aspect of his personal, professional and public service career.

So, this election let’s vote for Robert Imperato as Branford’s next State Representative.


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Yes indeed, let's vote for someone who doesn't see every problem being solved exclusively by raising taxes!




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