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Most of the voters in Branford have a decision to make this November 6th. No incumbent is running to represent us. Now is the right time to push the state in the right direction. Bob Imperato is the person voters should want to protect and fight for their interests. He is the right person at the right time with the right values to help correct Connecticut’s financial flaws.

Bob is committed to public service. As a family man many locals know him as a parent, coach and fan of Branford hockey. I can not speak to that but I can speak to his service to the town of Branford. He served diligently on the Water Pollution Control Authority. I worked closely with Bob on the Branford RTM, serving with him on the Ways and Means Committee and watching him chair the Public Service Committee. Most recently Bob is serving on Branford’s Board of Finance. Bob is a fiscal conservative with a long career in banking. His experience in banking will serve him and the residents of Branford well. Remember, the State of Connecticut is in fiscal turmoil. He will not go to Hartford armed with dogmatic certitude but rather with a persona that is deliberate, thoughtful and empathetic as he makes decisions on behalf of the residents of Branford. He studies issues and he listens.

If Branford wants a representative who understands balancing budgets and wants people to keep more of the money they have earned, Branford residents must join me on November 6 and vote for Bob Imperato as representative from the 102nd legislative district.


Don Conklin

Fifth district, Branford RTM representative


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I came home from a day out and I saw flier curled in my door fromBob. Like many republicans in CT in this environment, no party reference was mentioned. He didn't have to."Reduce regulations" is part of his platform. Thats always code for letting businesses and corporations get an upper hand on labor and avoiding already weak environmental and consumer laws. His "no new taxes" could have been written by Bush ,Sr or by Trump, himself. How about making businesses pay their fair share so that the working class can get a break? Oh and he claims to want policies that address climate change. Sure. Lets stuff and mount this very rare republican because I don't think we will ever see another of this breed.

I'm not saying Bob isn't a decent fellow who is community minded. But his republican ideas are what is wrong for our neighborhood, our state and our country.

Steve Mazzacane Staff
Steve Mazzacane

We saw a very similar comment by Democratic operatives on Facebook, and its is amazing that a candidate of any side is being called out for not being political enough. However, this is the first line of Ned Lamonts economic plan, as another commenter pointed out "As governor, Lamont would cut taxes that make it harder to run a business, reduce regulations on small businesses and make it easier to start up or expand a business in Connecticut." So if, as you state, reducing taxes and regulations are "Republican" talking points and a Republican platform, maybe Lamont is buying in.


Perhaps comments clearly written by political operatives should identify themselves. Bob is part of the Cosgrove Republicans, who have an amazing track record on environmental items, like Branford Hills park a solar farm, Foote Park, new trails, etc. Mr. Mazzacane wrote about them on this very site. Also even Lamont wants to reduce business taxes, quote from his site: "Cutting taxes and reducing regulations," so perhaps Bob is on to something? Maybe good ideas don't have a party, and its time to get those not locked into a party. Is that a bad thing?


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