In a mass mail sent out to residents this week that included absentee ballot applications, Democratic candidate for first selectman Tom Brockett and his running mate, Ray Dunbar, claim that many residents "were in the dark" during the live shooter incident earlier this year, criticizing the towns communication during the incident. As our first responders handled this along with many town departments and has routinely received praise for how it was handled, First selectman Jamie Cosgrove has posted a response to the claims by Brockett and Dunbar.

His response:

I have received many questions from residents regarding a letter that was sent out by our opponents. The letter contains multiple unsubstantiated, inaccurate, and erroneous claims.

The most troubling claim is that residents “were in the dark during the active shooter incident earlier this year in Town.”

We don’t often respond to partisan rhetoric during campaign season, but this claim is shameful. It is especially shameful considering the candidate for Selectman who signed the letter was the former Emergency Management Director of the Town and knows better.

Let me say that I am proud of and grateful for the police and emergency first responders and Town Officials who handled the critical situation with professionalism, courage and extraordinary competence. Contrary to the claim made by my opponents, residents were not in the dark. In fact, the protocol for properly responding to an active shooter situation was followed flawlessly. 

As soon as calls came in, our police and fire personnel responded, shutting off roads and access to the impacted area. This was no small task, as officers were under fire while working to protect and shelter citizens. 

Phone blasts went out to residents in the impacted area telling them to remain indoors and away from the impacted area.

Our Parks and Recreation Department personnel acted swiftly to gather children at our day camps, secure them in safe locations, and notify parents.

Once the situation was assessed and the immediate area was secured, local media contact and broader communications were made in the manner prescribed by our emergency protocols.

The fact that our opponents want to score political points by misrepresenting what occurred and sowing fear is unacceptable.

Thank you again to all the first responders, town employees, residents, and small business owners who worked to keep everyone safe.

I have always been proud to be your First Selectman.  Your teamwork on that very tough day is one of the many reasons I am grateful to be a public servant.


Jamie Cosgrove


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I was in the center of Town and heard the gun shots on that terrible day. The police response was outstanding. Streets surrounding the area were blocked off almost immediately. I thought for sure there were going to be several fatalities. To find out there was one person wounded was nothing but miraculous. The Selectman is not the person who is in charge of a live shooter incident, we have well trained first responders that take over in such incidents. Sad to see that Mr. Brocket and Mr. Dunbar are making this a political issue! They should be praising all responders and departments for their excellent response on that day. As an unaffiliated voter makes me question the integrity of these candidates.


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