State Senator Christine Cohen

State Senator Christine Cohen (D-Guilford) today welcomed the receipt of $492.43 million in federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds for Connecticut, including $2.9 million in federal funding for schools in the 12th State Senate District that she represents. 

The federal funds, which are part of the federal Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, must be used to reduce educational disparities that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Local funding incudes

  • Branford, $1,346,787
  • Guilford, $522,780
  • Madison, $344,797
  • North Branford, $288,074
  • Killingworth (along with the reginal school district), $201,928
  • Durham (along with the regional school district), $194,700

"The impact of this global viral pandemic is deep and broad and seems never-ending. Fortunately, governments at the state and federal levels are stepping in with money that is absolutely essential to ensuring public health, economic vitality and continuity for our educators and young learners,” Sen. Cohen said. "As a former board of education member and the mother of three, I know how needed these school relief funds are, and I'm confident our local school systems will put this money to good use for both staff and students."

Approved uses of the federal funds include coordinating improved COVID-19 response, prevention and preparation efforts; addressing learning loss among students, including groups seen to experience increased learning loss such as low-income students, children with disabilities, English learners, racial and ethnic minorities, students experiencing homelessness and children and youth in foster care; addressing individual schools' needs; improving sanitation on school campuses; and improving indoor air quality in schools while reducing risk of environmental health hazards, among others.


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While this sounds like great news a few questions hoping someone can answer?

Why is Branford’s figures so much higher-was there a plan with this request?

Will this money help get kids back to in person in schools? Not even sure there is a plan for this?

Who manages these funds? The town, the BOE, who oversees?

Shannen Sharkey

It’s interesting to me that Branford requested and/or received a significantly higher amount of funding. Many of the area towns are in person while Branford remains in a hybrid model. Is there a breakdown that shows how this funding was used?


It's nice to be union nothing but complain and get paid very well off the taxpayers. bunch of lazy bums... NO respect for teachers any longer. They showed their true colors...lazy, out of touch, over paid taxpayer funded jobs. School vouchers and technology and we will get better results. Too many teachers with worthless degrees from central / southern where my dog could graduate.


I'm assuming your ex was a teacher(and left you for a better looking, less self loathing individual) and that's where this vitriol comes from? It will be okay and you will find love again.


very nice...typical liberal windbag...deflect from the topic of that people are catching on to lazy teachers and way over paid for working half the year.

School Vouchers = Save Children from climate freaks who teach social justice garbage over math.

Down with whitey!!!! ahahahahahab


Hernandez playing political games yet again. So far, more questions than answers on this one


Kids. Never work for any private employer.

Work for the town and especially education. You will do nothing all day. Get paid better than in private sector. Never have to worry about getting laid off for even with less students you have more teachers and worthless administrators. Work half the year, get paid more, great benefits, great retirement - ALL on Taxpayers who you will make bow down to you and say you are a hero. Get to put a lawn sign in your yard calling yourself a hero! What a scam the teachers have going...and will keep going for the teachers union is strong and the town population just does not care about kids (if they did - you would have school choice and school vouchers)

Have a Nice day :)


We got all this money because our Superintendent Hernandez and his head lackey, Dirty Don Neel, made the State an offer that they couldn't refuse. General Hernandez runs this town


If you are a teacher who does not want to go back to the classroom, then go to the back of the line when vaccines are handed out. If you want it so you can go to Walmart or travel, then get it so you can do your job.


Teachers in Branford are back in the classroom and have been since school opened this past September.


My grandson who, thankfully, lives in Wallingford has been going to full time kindergarten all year. Hernandez is a terrible school superintendent.


Why aren't are taxes lower,half is paid to the school system.


it's all for the kids...for the kids...for the kids....hahahahahahahahahahahhaahaha

bloated education staff, do nothing teachers, way too many admins/principals, etc....keep paying up sucka!


It is all for the unions....

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