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Branford High School has sent out a letter to parents and students banning cell phones the final two months of the school years. Following is the letter sent out from Branfod High Principal Lee Panagoulias:

Good afternoon BHS families and students, The last two months of our school year provide many opportunities to celebrate the achievements of our students and also reinforce expectations that help to continue to maintain a safe and supportive school community of learners. One area that we continue to work with our students on is the effective management of electronic devices. Student cell phone use in class impacts our school goal of supporting a high level of instruction and experiences for all BHS students and maintaining a positive learning environment that is responsive and respectful of the needs of every student.

Effective May 9, 2022, students are expected to place cell phones and electronic devices (ex: air pods, apple watch) in a school provided storage device when they enter the classroom or Hive Time. They will not be accessible by the student during class or if they are given permission to use the restroom. Students in an assigned study hall have access to cell phones and electronic devices in accordance with district appropriate use policies (5131.81) but they must be placed in a storage device provided by the teacher when they are given permission to leave the classroom. Cell phones and electronic devices (airpods, apple watch) may be used in between classes and during lunch in accordance with district appropriate use policies. Technology needs in the classroom will be met with the student’s charged school-issued chromebook which should be brought to school each day. Parents and guardians should continue to contact the BHS front office in the case of an emergency.

The following process will be followed when a student does not meet our expectations in the classroom:

1st offense Conversation between student and teacher to review BHS cell phone and electronic device expectations to understand the impact of the student’s action on their learning and classroom environment

1st referral (in-class) Parent/guardian are contacted by the teacher to review BHS cell phone and electronic device expectations to understand the impact of the student’s action on their learning and classroom environment Teacher issues an after-school detention google form - 2:30-3:15pm

2nd referral (from teacher to administration) Phone turned in to teacher Parent/guardian must pick up from administration office 1-week cell phone restriction

3rd referral Support plan developed with administration and support services staff 2-week phone restriction Potential In-School Suspension

As we continue to work together, we ask that you help us to emphasize to your students the importance of adhering to our cell phone expectations. The partnership that exists between BHS families and our school is an essential piece of helping our students’ growth over time. We appreciate your continued support.


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One of the, if not the most impactful and important decisions a School system can make. Thank you for caring about our Childrens future.


Should've been done a long time ago!


Ok boomer


School should bring back having teachers spank the kids as well....these kids need to be smacked once in a while to keep then on straight and narrow....too many fat kids as well....put treadmills in classrooms


But what if the teacher spanking kids believes in the Devil's CRT?


as long as the teacher is hot...she can spank me


facts ong


fax ong





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