A new bathroom trailer has been delivered to Stony Creek, the result of years of work by some residents and an effort by first selectman Cosgrove to finally see monies come through for the proposal.

After multple attempts to purchase property to serve as restrooms failed, Cosgrove looked for an alternative: a trailer, which will be able to be moved as needed or based on the season. The trailer, now complete, is now on display in Stony Creek.

“It been a public health concern in Stony Creek for 20 years, and we have been trying to find a solution to the problem for 20 years,” said Stan Fisher, who has worked on the search.

“This is the most cost effective solution,” Fisher said of the trailer, “and is used around the country by municipalities, parks and other entities.  It is a Marine type toilet system, it compresses waste and has 500-gallon waste tank, a/c, heated, lighting, aluminum construction, should be very effective.” 

The trailer has a life span of 20-30 years, and can go in two locations: the area where the current port-o-potty’s exist or near Bayview Park.

Also including in the funding are costs associated with a “wrap” of the new facility, which will attempt to make the bathroom outer shell look more aesthetically pleasing, matching a “Thimble Island” theme.

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so an expensive port a potty


real good grammer and sppelling steve


Thank you Jamie for fixing all the messthat deross screwed up as the worst selectman ever


Another example of how Jamie governs for the good of all Branford, even in areas where people opposed him politically. He is not using his office to exact retribution on his political opponents.
I hope we can keep him in office for a few more years, because the state is in really serious trouble and we will need a shrewd leader to help us navigate the perilous times ahead.


Did Jamie demonstrate its use? I understand he went missing for a while.

Jay Medlyn

It sure is needed in the creek , it's just to bad that they couldn't find another spot . It really doesn't fit in with the beauty of the park


The information contained in the quotes attributed to me in this article is largely accurate, but the quotes themselves are fabrications. I never spoke to the person who wrote this story, nor do I recall expressing myself in precisely that way about this project at two public meetings last summer. I did send an email to the Stony Creek Association early last week announcing the unveiling and briefly describing the trailer's attributes. Some of the other information in the story is slightly inaccurate, although it does very briefly represented what has transpired over the past many years. Stan Fisher

Steve Mazzacane Staff
Steve Mazzacane

Mr. Fisher, the information provided came from you to the Board of Finance, a public meeting, when it passed. It is recorded and on the towns website. We wrote an article at that time, and this is the same information. We have no need to interview you as you made the statements publicly on camera in a public meeting. The article is accurate. Thank you for reading; we appreciate all our readers.


If that is the case, the source of the information should been attributed to the record on the town website, which would be acceptable practice; presenting it as coming directly from me, when it did not, is not appropriate. As I said, the article is not entirely accurate. I'm sorry to say that I do not usually read your publication.

Steve Mazzacane Staff
Steve Mazzacane

Mr. Fischer, the article is accurate, unless you presented false information to the Board of Finance. You are the source, Mr. Fisher. You. We clearly attribute that in the article, as is standard practice. The article is positive, its a good story, you helped get something good done for the neighborhood. Congrats, and welcome to the site.


Agreed on need. It’s an aesthetic/architectural disaster fitting only in Bayview, where it’s also very much needed.


Contrary to some of the comments here, I don't think that there'll ever be a "proper" place for a storage container toilet in the city. You just need to put it down somewhere where people can use is otherwise it won't be a solution to anything at all!


As a fourth generation Creeker, I'm adding my two cents. We desperately need public facilities to accommodate people visiting the dock, playground, beach, or restaurants. Unfortunately, this is hideous solution -- something we might expect to see at a carnival -- and entirely unsuited to an historic district. I'm sorry to say the mural -- which might be lovely elsewhere -- only adds to the tacky appearance. How about a fundraiser to support something less offensive? I understand the building has already been purchased, but perhaps it can be used elsewhere. How about if we place it on the town green in Branford? Ooops, what was I thinking? No one in their right mind would allow something like this in the center of town!

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