Small Business

Are you looking to get the word out? Grand opening, or launching a new service, or just trying to increase sales?

We use a variety of ways to successfully get the word out and get more people in your doors and the phone ringing.

Our packages:

  • Allow us to increase your brand locally with direct ads placed on
  • Allow us to reach specific audiences strategically through a large and engaged audience on social media
  • Allow us to promote specific areas, new products and features through discussion from a trusted voice via The Steve Mazzacane Podcast
  • Allow us to tell your story in print with articles and photo galleries

Combining these is extremely effective and gets results!


We use a simple rate card: $550/month. Over 3 months $500/month

To get started, just let us know the following:

What specific message are you trying to make? Some common answers are a new product launch, a grand opening, a new location. Let us know what you want customers to know.

How long would you like to work with us? While we love working with long term clients, some have a short-term goal, like a holiday push. Let us know!

Do you have digital ads and/or content? If not we can help you with both, we do content in-house but refer you to approved partners for digital ad creation.

And that’s how we start. We reach tens of thousands of readers along the shoreline, and have the most engaged audience anywhere. We would love to work with you. Just send an email to to get started.


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