Josh Wechsler

Some of the best businesses are borne out of a personal passion, something that inspires an entrepreneur to succeed in a field they love and are driven by.

For Josh Wechsler, his journey & passion lead him to establish Edibolic Kitchen, now open a year in Branford.  Created as a way to further a desire to bring health and weight control to the masses. And that need was a product of personal experience.

“When I was younger, I was overweight,” Josh explains. “I decided to change that at 16, when I started eating healthy and cooking my own meals and, most importantly, learning how to prepare healthy food that tasted good.  I lost 50 pounds in an 8 month span, and found the passion and direction of what I want to do.”

That passion led him to pursue an Associates degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor degree in Nutrition at Johnson and Wales, and even pursued his long time dream further and prepped for his first bodybuilding competition.

Shortly after, Josh opened Edibolic Kitchen, a business that creates prepared, scheduled meals. Clients order individual meals for a week at a time.  The number of meals is the client’s choice.  With options for breakfast, lunch and dinner the client can choose as many meals per day as they want.

One of Josh’s better decisions was to open in Branford. “It’s a great location, it’s a very welcoming area, right down the street from the green and is very accessible to the public…this town has been an amazing support for my business.”

But that did not mean the business did not have its growing pains.

Learning and Adjusting

Like all small business owners, Josh had to learn some of the secrets of success on the fly. Understanding what clients want and adjusting to feedback was important.

Josh encouraged his clients to give him feedback and by listening, Josh realized he needed to enhance the flavor of his food.  Healthy and nutritious doesn’t have to mean bland and boring.  “I was focused very strong nutritional information and weight loss, and the response opened my eyes,” he explains. Clients were happy, but asked that the meals be enhanced.

Josh responded by adding bold flavored recipes to his menu with the used of spices and fresh herbs while keeping the nutritional values of the meals the same.  The result is happier clients, and more options in what the company offers.

He also saw the need to adjust to a wide client base when it came to price and options.

“One of the adjustment’s I’ve made is creating plans to help people get started on budget,” he explains. “We have some clients that want all meals prepared in a healthy way, but for those making changes, even changing a few meals a week has a large impact.”

For some, like those who were extremely focused on weight and bodybuilding, Edibolic was a perfect fit. But the market needed to be larger than just a select group, and the product needed to be priced in a way that would allow those working at weight loss, strength training or other fitness and lifestyle goals to slowly make adjustments; for example, having prepared meals once or twice a week as opposed to every day.

Edibolic now offers a variety of option, and recently launched a new, easy to use website where clients can quickly see options, place orders and see updates.

New clients looking to try out the product can do so at a discount as well. Josh is offering $20 off of initial order of $40 or more, which covers 4-5 meals. And by frequenting the website, clients can see other deals that Josh posts on a regular basis.

Josh will also deliver larger orders, so if one is looking to have multiple days of meals, family sized meals, or our budget bulk menu they can set up a time and date for delivery along the shoreline. In the near future, Josh is looking at having prepared meals available for customers on site, meaning clients can stop by during the day and pick up prepared options for the same day.

Check out the Edibolic website for menu information, options and current deals. 


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I have been to the Edibolic web site and quite frankly, I believe that the meals provided have way too many calories for a dieting women. If a person orders the smaller size of food, the calorie count is more reasonable but at apx. ten dollars per meal strike me as prohibitively expensive. Lean cuisines, tossed salads, skinny cows and fruits and veggies are a less expensive and highly effective option for those who wish to keep their calorie count at 1,200 a day.


It's obvious that Edibolic is not designed for someone like you. If there are too many calories or the items are too expensive for a dietign woman then you must take a pass. I do think it's a bit unfair to critique the business without ever tasting their food. Just sayin'...


I represent the majority of women in our population. We are working, burning the candle at both ends, supporting dependents, and loathe to waste money on dieting schemes that don't work. Dr. Erlich in Shelton is great. I suggest women who wish to loose weight see him. His plans work, and their money will not be wasted. But even with his help, I caution folks against spending too much on pre made meals. Lean Cuisines, poached eggs on top of steamed spinach with a little bit of brummel and brown, Fiber one english muffins, and ice cream bars in moderation that have less that 100 calories each are a huge help and are very affordable. Good luck!


The most important thing for the chronically overweight is to get enough protien, cut sugars to a minimum, walk at a comfortable pace at least three times a week, and count calories. If you still can't loose weight after doing these things, get help! It is not shameful or cheating to get help from a good doctor. The only thing you will cheat is death.


Obesity is a disease. It is not a moral failing. If you had diabetes would you self treat? Of course not! Dr. Shelton is a bariatric specialist. Even if you only have 20, 30, or 50 pounds to lose and don't need or want surgery he can help with medications and support. I highly recommend him.


The following organization provides great info and resources for folks struggling with with weight loss issues.

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