Waiting Station Closes

The Waiting station, a fixture in Branford Center for years, has announced its closure. On Facebook, the owners posted the following news:

"For our family, Valentine's day will now be remembered as the day our beloved Waiting Station closed its doors. As we announce the bittersweet closing of our business that has been in our family for over 40 years. This was a difficult decision not only because it is a family-run shop that we grew up with, but also because our loyal patrons have become part of our extended family. We are grateful for the many years you proved your loyalty to us. Starting back to the little "grocery store/pizza shop" that began in Short Beach which over the decades transformed into hot spot for breakfast in center of town. As we begin new chapters in our lives we again Thank You for making the Wating Stating a landmark in Branford (in the words of my Dad).. "Thank you for your patronage"


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Six dollars for a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee. It's no wonder they closed.I hate to see you go...not!


Go to crostini's on middle Street in Branford. They are closed Monday and Tuesday but open from 7-1. I don't think you will be disappointed with whatever you order.


Sorry- Crostini's is on MEADOW ST!


To anonymous, a mean comment is never warranted.


Bye bye to a wonderful little gem in Branford. Delicious food and mom & daughter that were like family is hard to see go. I hope you know that your patrons will miss both of you and your friendly smiles, small chit chat and those delicious muffins that mom made for us every morning. Well wishes in your future endeavors.


I miss the Waiting Station so much—the food was wonderful; but, more importantly, it was a place to go and enjoy conversing with everyone I now consider friends!

Rebecca Marsh

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