Women and Family Life Center

Guilford, CT (March 2, 2020) – The Connecticut Hospice of Branford, CT and Women & Family Life Center of Guilford (W&FLC), CT, are partnering to offer a new resource for women. “Life & Loss: A Grief Support Group for Women Age 55+” offers a comfortable, safe space for women to join as they are grieving a family member or friend.

W&FLC Executive Director Meghan Scanlon explains the impetus for the new partnership: “In recent years, our Center has worked with an increasingly larger number of women over the age of 50 who are facing multiple life difficulties and losses.” She continues, “From losing a spouse or best friend to losing one’s career or livelihood due to aging or illness, the challenges feel insurmountable to women. We know, however, that by surrounding oneself with positive allies, these women can work through all their feelings of grief and come out on the other side with a sense of community and future.”

Barbara Pearce, Interim CEO of The Connecticut Hospice, explained, “This partnership is an example of how two organizations with different strengths can come together to better serve our community. We are thrilled to be a partner with Women & Family Life Center in order to help women through this difficult time.”

In the group, women will work through the emotions and life changes associated with losing a loved one—often coupled with other difficult life transitions so common after age 50. While grappling with grief, women may also be reinventing their lives post-retirement, with normal age-related health changes or other challenges. Participation in the group is free and is open to all women, no matter the type of relationship or the events leading to the loss. Through this group, women also will have the opportunity to make social connections and new friends.

The first 8-week session meets Tuesday afternoons starting March 31, 2020 at Women & Family Life Center. Participation is open to all women, with any loss of a loved one, and does not require any affiliation with hospice services. The group meets at Women & Family Life Center and is led by Jennifer Stook, LCSW, Director of Bereavement, from the Connecticut Hospice. Interested women should call the Connecticut Hospice to pre-register: (203) 315-7544.


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