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BRANFORD – State legislators and the first selectman of Branford today welcomed the release of $500,000 in state Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) funds for local infrastructure improvements.

Governor Ned Lamont announced today that Branford will receive $500,000 in state funding for repairs and enhancements to the Branford Town Green, to be matched with $170,000 from the town. Planned improvements to the Branford Town Green include installation of an irrigation system, brick paver repair, drainage grading, improved lighting, curb replacement and upgraded crosswalks.

"Revitalizing Branford's Town Green will have a positive economic impact, as well as improved aesthetic and social payoff, since the Green is home to many beloved cultural events and business institutions in town," state Senator Christine Cohen (D-Guilford) said. "I want to thank Governor Lamont for approving these investments in our local communities and our local businesses."

"I am thrilled Branford was included in the recent round of STEAP grants with $500,000 to make safety improvements to our Town Green," said state Representative Robin Comey (D- Branford). "I always say that the Green is the heartbeat of our community, and a showcase of our town's diverse personality. Making it safer and more appealing will help bring more residents, families, and visitors to enjoy the outdoors and what our beautiful town has to offer."

“The Green has long been a place of community activity and social gathering, contributing to the economic vitality of Branford," said Branford First Selectman James B. Cosgrove. "Since the pandemic the number of residents and visitors enjoying the green has significantly grown. We appreciate the State’s support to ensure the Green serves as a hub of economic and community activity, while maintaining the charm of a quintessential New England green.”

“Our small towns are part of what makes Connecticut such a great place to live and work, and by partnering with them on these grants, the state can help get these infrastructure projects completed so these towns can continue to thrive, remain competitive, attract businesses, and improve the quality of life for our residents,” Governor Lamont said.

STEAP funds are issued by the State Bond Commission and can only be used for capital projects. A project is considered to be a capital project if it is new construction, expansion, renovation or replacement for an existing facility or facilities. Project costs can include the cost of land, engineering, architectural planning, and contract services needed to complete the project.


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Interesting to note this grant was announced only several weeks before the election! Why this timing?


Interesting to note this grant was announced only several weeks before election. Why this timing?


The same thing would have happened if this grant was awarded while a Republican was in office, they would have waited for the opportune time, yes that being before an election to announce it's acquisition. It's called politics!!!!!!!


Rather blatant to make their announcement of this small amount right before election. This project was planned over two years ago by Jamie! From an Independent voter.

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