State Senator Ted Kennedy Jr.

New Haven, CT – May 12, 2018 – Democratic candidate for governor Ned Lamont opens the campaign's first field office in New Haven today and is endorsed by Sen. Ted Kennedy, Jr. The campaign will kick off an early voter outreach program. Dozens of volunteers plan to reach nearly a thousand doors in New Haven today.

"I've known Ned for over 25 years. I know that he shares the same values that we all believe in," said Sen. Ted Kennedy Jr., who endorsed Ned Lamont at the campaign's new field office. "Ned believes in hard work, giving back and working towards equitable solutions for all of us. Our state enjoys unique and exceptional assets: a prime geographic location, world-class research institutions, a highly skilled workforce, and countless treasures, and with Ned as our next governor, we can work to revitalize Connecticut’s fiscal health, create a more positive business climate, address critical social service needs and protect our beautiful natural resources. I encourage all Democrats across our state to join me in supporting Ned Lamont for Governor."

Thanking Kennedy for his support, Ned Lamont said, “This is about getting Democrats excited for the state convention next weekend and energizing Democratic voters. We’ve been working hard talking to convention delegates and earning their support. I’m proud to have Ted’s support and I look forward to talking to voters in the coming weeks.”

“The support that we’ve earned in just the first few months of this campaign has been overwhelming,” said Marc Bradley, Ned Lamont’s campaign manager. “Ned isn’t afraid to take on the party establishment. In 2006 he challenged Joe Lieberman and shocked the nation when he took on a member of his own party. What that race taught us all is that an excited Democratic base is an unstoppable force.”

The new field office is located at 560 Whalley Avenue in New Haven. Anyone is welcome to stop by and ask for Congressional District 3 Field Director Kyle Lozano to learn how they can get involved in Ned’s campaign. Ned Lamont’s campaign is also headquartered in New Haven.

Ned Lamont has leveraged his lifelong experience in the academic and business worlds to create jobs in Connecticut. For the past decade Ned has been training the next generation of entrepreneurs as a professor at Central Connecticut State University. Ned Lamont became a well-known figure in Connecticut politics when he challenged Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary in 2006 over the Iraq War. In 2008 he was the Chair of the Obama campaign and helped him win the support of Connecticut Democrats. In 2010 he challenged Dan Malloy in the primary for the nomination for Governor, saying that if real political courage wasn’t shown Connecticut would find itself in an economic crisis ten years later.

In endorsing Lamont, Kennedy joins Attorney General George Jepsen, Commissioner Jonathan Harris, State Senator Tim Larson, House Majority Leader Matt Ritter, State Rep. Sean Scanlon, State Rep. Mike DiMassa, State Rep. Michelle Cook, Milford Mayor Ben Blake, East Hartford Mayor Marcia Leclerc, West Hartford Mayor Shari Cantor, Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary, Woodbridge First Selectwoman Beth Heller, Bridgewater First Selectman Curtis Reed, New Britain Common Council President Eva Magnuszewski, Waterbury Board of Education Chair Liz Brown, Former State Rep. Karen Jarmoc, State Central Committee Members Barbara Reynolds and Audrey Tyson, Fairfield Democratic Town Chair Steve Sheinberg, Washington Democratic Town Chair Kevin Comer.


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3rd generation inherited wealth endorses 4th generation inherited wealth.

What a surprise.


Go away,Ted.

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