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A soft opening will be held Monday for the new Indian Neck Firehouse, which is now complete.

The firehouse, built to replace the previous 90 year old structure, was approved earlier this year by the Representative Town Meeting with a 1.675 million dollar cost. $500,000 was covered by a state grant.

The new structure is focused on addressing needs of residents in the 5th and 7th voting districts.

The town did look at other potential locations prior to approval, but there were few options. While the new building is in a flood zone, it is significant higher, a generator installed, and utilities raised.

The project is part of a major focus on infrastructure improvements in town, including the new all-ages Community House and the addition to Walsh Intermediate School.

The new structure, about 5,000 square feet, can fit all of the towns fire apparatus and includes s a significant storage area on the second floor.

One aspect that may be added is a stone facade along the foundation of the structure. Neighbors and town officials have noted it would be an aesthetic improvement, and will likely be considered in the near future at a cost of around $30,000. 

See photos of the new structure here>>>


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