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Changes at Town Hall may present opportunities to reorganize and save money as some department heads look to retire.

Inland Wetlands head Diana Ross will retire this month, following a decision by Terry Elton. Elton worked his final day last week, and is now using up vacation time.

Ross is expected to leave at months end.

While turnover can often difficult, it can also provide an opportunity to evaluate town needs and organizational structure.

When asked about filling the vacancies, Cosgrove stated that “we are taking this opportunity to ensure we have the positions and departmental structure that provides the services and support in an effective and efficient manner.”

It remains unlikely the position held by Elton is filled. Often controversial, the position paid $104,170, and was described as “Special Projects/Economic Development” in the town budget. For many, it is unclear what “special project” actually is, and the office had little actual impact on economic development.

Other towns, like Guilford, have chosen to hire part time economic development staff instead.

Neighboring towns may also provide some ideas on Inland wetlands. While an Inland Wetlands head is vital, what the position entails and job description can be analyzed to provide efficiency in town departments.

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Despite her egregious ethics violations, Ms Ross gets to retire with a full pension and no sanctions. Nice work for those lucky few, supported by our tax dollars no less.


Maybe now we can get Costco back to the table!


104 K Do nothing and gets to retire. DEROSS PUPIT . WHAT A DISGRACE


When are people going to wake up and understand that working for the town is a license to steal? Make more money then they ever could in the private sector, do less and rob from taxpayers. NEVER fill this position for it is useless.

Now, outsource most positions and get the unions out or you will see more people leaving town for they don't want to pay pensions for people who retire from town jobs with fat pensions. I know I am going down south in few years so I don't have to pay town, state pensions for lazy union works who retire at 45 years old.

Wake up people....Town workers = Scam on society.

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