Madison resident Joseph LaPorta has filed to run for the 12th district state senate seat. LaPorta is a Republican; the seat is currently held by Democrat Christine Cohen.

The following was posted to various town Republican social media pages attributed to LaPorta:

“For the last decade, I have no doubt you’ve seen posts that I have made that have been critical of the direction our state government has been taking us. Over the last few years, I have tried to be more active in the political process, supporting the candidates and causes that I believed in. Now, I am asking today for you to believe in me. Yesterday, I filed paperwork with the state and have officially declared myself a candidate for the Connecticut State Senate (12th district). In the coming weeks and months, I will have much to share with you all that will both inspire you and infuriate you. I hope to earn your support to help me fight to reverse the trends we are seeing in Connecticut: Job losses, a stagnant economy, declining property values, the erosion of our individual rights, and a constant out migration of businesses and taxpayers who have determined that enough was enough. If we truly want to fix this state, the first step is getting rid of the people who have been perpetuating this mess that we are in. More details will be forthcoming as well as information on how you can help me in this fight, but I wanted to share this with everyone as soon as I was able to. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and your support thus far.”

LaPorta is seeking the Republicans nomination to run against Cohen, who has announced that she will seek re-election this year.


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