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Branford Scout Joseph Loffredo has worked to organize a way to honor Branford veterans on Memorial even without the traditional parade.

Working with police, fire and town officials, a car parade will follow a route throughout town, meant to garner exposure for the solemn holiday and honor those who have fallen defending the country.

The parade will begin at 9 AM May 25. 

Initially, the plan was to drive by the homes of many veterans, but the route proved too difficult. Instead, working with police and fire chiefs, the route will start at Branford High School, make its way up Brushy Plan to Todds Hill Rd, down Kirkham and into Indian Neck and Pine Orchard, before making its way back to the High School.

The Scouts and their families will be in the cars and ask that you join them in honoring the day by showing support along the route and celebrate the lives of the fallen in the way you see best. For local Scouts, the car parade will help them fulfill a desire to honor our veterans even as the traditional parade is cancelled.

The full route, starting at 9:00 AM 

Start at Branford High School

Drive down East Main Street

Then turn right onto Ivy Street

Then merge onto Brushy Plain Road

Then take a left onto Todd’s Hill Road

Then take a left onto Cherry Hill Road

Then take a left onto Main Street

Then take a right onto Kirkham Street

Then merge onto Maple Street

Follow maple to then end then turn left onto route 142

Then turn left onto Stannard Ave

Then turn left onto Harbor Street

Then turn right onto Maple

Then turn onto Indian Neck Road

Then merge onto 146

Follow 146 all the way to Damascus Road

Follow Damascus road into Pine Orchard

Then take a right onto Montowese St

Take a right onto Main Street follow it all the way to the high school then disperse from there


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How can I add my classic car into the parade?


Might be helpful if someone highlighted the route on a town map so we'll know where to stand with our flags


Posted on Facebook branford seven post


How about motorcycles


I just walked inside after watching the parade go by - it was very enjoyable. Bravo Zulu to all involved in organizing and conducting it! With deepest appreciation - Matt Radulski, USN, on Harbor Street

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