Branford Fireworks

Both key viewing locations for the Branford fireworks will have food trucks available.

The fireworks will launch from Branford Point once again after a one year move to Foote Park. Both locations will be prime viewing spots.

At Branford Point, food trucks include Shoreline Prime, the Lobster Hut, and Los Mariachis on Wheels. For dessert will be the Sweet Treats Ice Cream Truck.

At Foote Park, there will be two trucks, Melly P’s Paninis and KitKats Ice Cream Truck.

Starting at 5:30, shuttles will bring residents from parking areas at the commuter lot off exit 53 and Branford High School.

No alcohol, no pets, no grills and no glass containers are allowed!

Remember to prepare your pets as well! Secure fences and keep them safe as the fireworks are enjoyed by all!

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Fireworks were fantastic this year! Too bad the music selection was terrible - how does "Jesse's Girl" fit in during a fireworks show? Only played 1 Patriotic song, "Proud to be an American." However, the song "Another One Bites the Dust" was played 3 times during the show.


I don't understand why the Town allows people to go hours before the fireworks and put down blankets and tarp's with signs saying reserved, people come stake out the best places and leave!!!! People wanting to enjoy area during the day of fireworks can't because of all these items laying around. This is done in area up near picnic benches mostly but some even on beach area itself! I would hope going forward this is not allowed.


Get yourself up early that day and do the same thing. It’s not going to change. Lots of the people are branford residents who live nearby and are having picnics at their homes

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