Jamie Cosgrove

Jamie Cosgrove accepting nomination of the RTM Monday, July 22. Cosgrove will likely run unopposed as he runs for his 4th term. 

There was little suspense as the Branford Republicans made their selections for the November municipal election, with incumbent first selectman Jamie Cosgrove leading the ticket.

Cosgrove will run for the 4th time with his running mate, Joe Higgins, once again. Barring any petition candidates, the Board of Selectmen is essentially set, as the Democrats selected Ray Dunbar as a selectman candidate. The Democrats did not choose anyone to run against Cosgrove.

Dunbar would be the only change to the Board of Selectman, as current member Jack Ahern has chosen not to run again.

The Republicans also cross-endorsed Democratic tax collector Roberta Gill-Brooks. Democrats did not cross-endorse any candidates, as when asked if the should cross-endorse Cosgrove and Lisa Arpin, DTC chair Lynda Mollow stated they would need to do so at a later date should they choose. They did however, leave spots against Cosgrove and Arpin vacant.

The decision to let the tax collector and town clerk positions is something that has been discussed n past elections. Most feel the positions should not be political and on voting ballots, and every change comes at taxpayer expense as certifications and training is needed. Without opponents, both Gill-Brooks and Arpin will remain in their jobs.

Cosgrove has become increasing difficult to run against as the town remains a state leader in fiscal management and energy conservation efforts. With the exception some of the RTM Democrats, most of town runs in a bi-partisan manner, budget increases have been lower than comparable towns, and major projects that had stalled for years are moving forward or are near completion. 

Democrats also nominated 2 candidates for three Board of Education seats, meaning, as the list currently stands, Ellen Michaels, Michael Krause and Dawn Perrotti will win 6 year terms.

The full list of candidates:




First Selectman


Jamie Cosgrove


Ray Dunbar

Joseph Higgins

Tax Collector

Roberta Gill-Brooks

Roberta Gill-Brooks

Town Clerk


Lisa Arpin

BD. Assessment Appeals

Joe Fasino

Jason Driscoll


Kurt Schwanfelder

Michael Nardella



Maggie Bruno

Frank Twohill


Richard Saltz

Patricia Austin


Michelle Sember

Lindsay Greenberg


Alisa Waterman

David Wells



DeeDee Hakun

James Walker


Rebekah DeAngelo

Chris Hines



Peter Jackson

Peter Black


Linda Erlanger

Rhoda Phillips



Dan Adelman

Patricia Anderson


Cindy Lombardi

Sean Kelly


Shahida Soomro

James Stepanek


Kelly Ricciardi


Tracy Everson

Don Conklin


Cathy Traugh

Carolyn Sires


Laura Noe

Ray Ingraham


Dennis Flanigan


Chris Sullivan

Marc Riccio


Nancy McCormack

Anthony Alfone


Vijay Adhikari

Ed Prete



Tom Brockett

Kevin Healy


Donna Laich

Steve Sullivan


BOE 4 Year Term

Meridith Gaffney

Ray Ingraham

BOE 6 Year Term

Ellen Michaels

Michael Krause


Dawn Perrotti



Fran Walsh

Robert Zettergen


John O’Connor

Dennis Nardella


Ron Washington

Susan Barnes


Chuck Tiernan

Kyle Nelson

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News alert my real estate and car tax in Branford both went up this year!!!!! Very simple with a Republican in office.


Are you really that ignorant of the factors that raise those taxes?


Just because other town's taxes go up more than Branford, doesn't mean Branford is doing a good job. Perhaps we are just doing less of a bad job. As stated by an earlier commenter, my property and car tax goes up every year. You want to see a fiscally responsible town, look at Shelton. Their mill rate has been virtually the same for 11 years, And our BOE budget continues to increase despite the fact that enrollment numbers drop and more people are choosing to pay for their kids to attend private schools than ever before. It seems like as long as Hernandez just submits a 2% increase every year, it's going to fly through approvals with no real push back from any one in town hall or the RTM. While Jamie seems to be doing a good job, there are issues. More for sale signs than I recall seeing for a while, and store front vacancies are increasing. Where is Costco, what's going on with the rock pit by the armory? It's great that we have a million parks and playscapes and walkways in town, but without a better tax base, they will be empty in the future.


gobballfan: You forgot to mention the salary of Superintendent Hernandez as something that keeps increasing, which everything else related to this Board runs amok


The increasing number of "for sale" signs in Town seem to me to be more a factor of problems in CT at the state level. It's really too bad Stefanowski did not win the Governor's race, then we might have had a chance. It's not just ridiculous levels of taxation, it is also overly-burdensome regulation and non-responsive legislators who spend their time on feel-good legislation like more gun laws and gender rights issues while totally ignoring the fiscal challenges we face. I heard a rumor that either the Governor or some legislative committee was considering an additional tax on the sale of a home if the homeowner was then going to move out of state. That is a sign of really serious trouble!!


Detroit does that to keep people in like the prisons in their own town

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