Walking the Labyrinth

The new completed labyrinth located on the Shoreline Greenway Trail has drawn residents seeking meditation and relaxation in Branford.

The labyrinth was constructed by Bill Ludwig and local volunteers using donated Stony Creek Granite, and has since been a popular destination. It is located on the newest portion of the Shoreline Greenway Trail, that connects the Tabor property with Pine Orchard. 

This week the labyrinth hosted a "Full Moon Walk" with candles lighting the path for walkers. Ludwig reported about 20 residents attended, and some stated they used the labyrinth on a regular basis. 

Have you seen and/or walked the labyrinth? 

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So, Steve, we expunge comments we don't like? Do you work for Pravda? Still looks like a bunch of Hamsters in a Habitrail.


What does the Shoreline Greenway group have against trees? This looks like a bomb site.


Beautiful labyrinth. Photos don't do it justice!


What is this?! Too funny


The moonlight walk was beautiful. A gorgeous full moon was rising over the labyrinth. An added bonus was the largest amount of firefliesI have ever seen at one time. The safe battery operated candles all the way down the pathway to the labyrinth and on the labyrinth we’re a nice touch.


Safe battery, wireless candles?


There is only one path all the way through. While it winds its way back and forth, there are no forks, no branching paths. I thought a labyrinth was like a maze. Apparently not in this case.

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