Election night in Branford was largely over as soon as the polls closed and absentee ballots were announced, as Democrats ran up huge margins on ballots that were cast prior to election day. Over half of the Registered Democrats in Branford chose to vote absentee, leading presidential candidate Joe Biden, State Representative Robin Comey and state senator Christine Cohen to large leads along the shoreline.

Republicans did win most districts on election day, but not by margins that would allow them to make up the huge early voting advantages for Democrats.

State Representative Robin Comey, running for re-election for the first time, leading her opponent, Republican Mark Riccio, 4,116 to 1379 in early voting. The margin was far too great for Riccio to make up on election day, and Comey won the race with over 57% of the overall vote.

By 9 PM Riccio called Comey to concede, and Comey posted the following on social media:

Robin Comey Statement

For the state senate race, Christine Cohen stopped just short of calling a victory as some ballots had not been counted, but all indication were that she won handily in her race against Republican Joe LaPorta in the district that covers Branford, Guilford, Madison, Killingworth, North Branford and Durham.

Christine Cohen Election Night Statement

On a larger scale, Branford went heavily for Democrat Joe Biden, seeing 10,074 votes cast in his favor, to 6779 for his challenger, President Donald Trump. Rosa DeLauro also took Branford easily over challenger Margaret Streicker.

State representative Sean Scanlon ran unopposed, and will serve his 4th term.

Dominating the day was the early voting. Democrats, and even a large number of Unaffiliated voters, sent in absentee ballots, building up a massive lead prior to election day for Democrats.


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