The new Branford Community House, which combines the current Community House with the Senior Center, is about a month away from being handed back over to the town from the construction company, and after the town takes about a month to move in the town departments and set up the technical equipment, will be reopened to the public.

When reopened to the public, it will mark the completion of a construction project that took a structure over 50 years old through a complete rehabilitation and upgrade and added square footage to serve as an all-ages community center.

The project passed all major town boards and commissions unanimously after a lengthy process of public hearings and presentations to gather community input. The process, initially led by architect Sandra Vlock and first selectman Jamie Cosgrove created a “hub and spoke” model for town, creating a central location for events while also realizing that residents make extensive use of other town facilities, like the Blackstone Library, and private ones, like the YMCA.

Even with the 12.5 million dollar price tag approved by the town, the project will likely mean significant savings over the next decades as it combines multiple structures into one. It is expected that the town will see savings longterm in maintenance costs, energy costs and potentially staffing over time.

The full name of the facility, Joe Trapasso Community House Honoring Branford World War II Veterans, was passed earlier this year by the Parks and Recreation Commission. The main entrance, according to Cosgrove, will likely feature separate displays honoring Branford’s World War II veterans and honoring Joe Trapasso for his direct contributions in creating Branford’s first community house, which, ironically started as an all-ages facility, including the senior center.

A grand opening will likely be scheduled in September.


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I have the upmost respect for the late Joe Trapasso and believe his name should be included in the naming of this new facility. As this is a dual department building now I thought it would have been nice to have the naming also include the late Matthew Brady, another outstanding individual and long standing director of the Senior Center. Both these individuals worked effortlessly to make these departments what they are today.


My feelings exactly - which I emailed a Rec Board member the night before the vote, but he failed to get back to me until the day after the vote had been taken. Yes, Matt Brady should share the honors __ and I, too, had great affection for Joe.


This appears to be a positive project. I would like to teach an affordable adult (50+) yoga class and hope the facility has a space for this need. Looking forward!


Today is October 9, 2019. When is the community house going to open?


That sounds like a wonderful idea as I know how pricey it can be per class! Excited for that if it happens!!

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