Branford Point Beach

All Branford and East Haven beaches are closed due to the high amount of rain occurring on the night of 7/22/2019

East Haven Beaches are currently open. (Updated 7/23/19)

UPDATE: Guilford beaches are open, but no shellfishing (per Guilford Health Department). 

Please be aware that we caution all residents that swimming in waters after a heavy rain (over 2 inches)puts your health at risk.

Polluted runoff (water that drains after rainfall) and untreated sewage released into the water can expose swimmers to harmful microorganisms called “pathogens.” These pathogens can be present at or near the site where polluted discharges enter the water. Pollution can also come from high concentrations of farm animals like pigs and chickens that can contaminate local waterways with runoff, which is then carried to beaches and swimming areas. In addition, pollution is created by people who leave trash or animal wastes at beaches.

The most common illness associated with swimming in water polluted by sewage is gastroenteritis. It occurs in a variety of forms that can have one or more of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, stomachache, diarrhea, headache or fever. Other minor illnesses associated with swimming include ear, eye, nose and throat infections. In highly polluted water, swimmers may occasionally be exposed to more serious diseases.

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A swimmer in a different part of the country was infected with flesh-eating bacteria. Be careful out there!

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