Branford fire responded to a structure fire at 710 Leetes Island Road after 11:00 P.M. on Thursday night.

The structure was reportedly a barn located at Medlyn Farm. Guilford and North Branford gave assistance. 

According to fire officials, the building was the front barn, and it sustained what was called "moderate" damage.

More to come as it becomes available.

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Sorry to hear about the barn, unfortunate but it does raise a question. Considering this fire at the barn and the fire department running over to Guilford do we know the time enroute to the scene. As the town grows the fire chief has requested an additional station on the east side of town and I read the State has requested the same. Was the fire department in Stony creek was on site for fires? How about a case study of these two incidents to get a better feel for whats needed or not? instead of opinions.

John Opie

The Fire Dept. has been looking for a satellite station out on the eastern end of Route 1 for many years.
With the cost of the facilities and equipment it's very hard to justify yet another fire house.
If you recall, during the discussions leading up to the building of the present new station, some of us advocated for a smaller main facility in conjunction with a new sub-station out near the transfer station.
While probably an impossible concept, a shared facility in that area might be ideal since it is immediately adjacent to Branford, North Branford, and Guilford. Forming a mini-regional facility for ambulance and first response fire apparatus could make the costs to each town much more reasonable and provide very responsive coverage.
Maybe something to think about in the future....


Figures, a huge firehouse too big and grand for the size of this town at the expense of safety and efficiency.


Fire Dept Did Ex job ,respond time 4 min , cause chimney crack, Smoke damage suvire may have to come down because of food handling Thank to all Firemen EX job JAY MEDLYN


I hope this isn't too big a setback for the Medlyn's. The food they grow there is out of this world (especially the tomatoes)!

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