HARTFORD, CT – State Senator Christine Cohen (D-Guilford) is proud to announce that she has signed on as a co-sponsor of House Bill 5345 (“Ethan’s Law”) a new, proposed state law that would require all firearms – and not just loaded firearms – to be stored safely, and to require the state Board of Education develop a mandatory firearms safety curriculum for Connecticut students.

The proposed new law is named after Guilford teenager Ethan Song, who was accidentally killed last year with a handgun that had been stored in the bedroom closet of a friend’s home. Police and press reports note that the gun was stored in a Tupperware container, and that while the weapon was secured with a gun lock, the keys to the lock and ammunition for the gun were stored in the very same container as the handgun.

HB 5345, which has been filed with the Judiciary Committee, would:

· require all firearms, loaded or unloaded, to be safely stored (current law only applies to loaded firearms)

· require guns to be kept away from children up to age 18 (current law applies only to those age 16 and younger)

· require the state Board of Education to create a firearms safety curriculum for Connecticut students (current law is permissive, saying the state Board of Education ‘may’ create a curriculum)

“The safety of our children should be our top priority. By strengthening gun storage laws, we can help prevent terrible tragedies.” Sen. Cohen said. “In Ethan’s case, while the gun wasn’t loaded, having accessibility to the keys and ammunition created essentially the same situation as having access to a loaded gun. That is an enormous hazard and ultimately it cost Ethan his life. We should be doing all we can to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself.”

“Having the state Board of Education create a firearms safety curriculum for our students will also heighten awareness, not only among children but among their parents as well. Many times adults simply don’t believe that anyone will ever come in contact with firearms. It’s hard to imagine that situation for some, when they believe a gun is well-hidden. However, we unfortunately know that this is not the case. Should a child gain access to a gun, and the kids are educated in school, the hope is that they’ll have some understanding of the potential dangers of firearms. The hope is that this education will reduce accidental gun deaths.”

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A person goes into someone else's bedroom, into a closet, into a container, unlocks a gun, loads it with bullets and puts it to his head and pulls the trigger. People actually believe the solution to this absolute insanity is to legislate how others should keep their guns in their homes? Have mandated classes to reach kids not to take the above steps? Legislators have gone way, way too far. II I would never have a gun in my home, I don't need one. But I understand how responsible gun owners must feel. Punish people who would never break the law. Stop trying to legislate what goes on behind closed doors, when it is nothing illegal. Terrible what happened, terrible. But stop punishing innocent people because they choose to have a gun. And let parents educate their children in these issues, not mandated classes in schools. Let's make parents responsible for teaching kids to keep their hands off things that don't belong tobthem!

Pat Santoro

Great comment,let's put the onus on the parents as stated.Leave the 2nd Amendment alone.Connecticut should legislate common sense solutions to our financial failures.


It's seems the media is doing everything it can to misdirected people. So this young man, unlocked a locked gun, loaded it with ammo, pointed it at his head and pulled the trigger. No law can prevent that.


Find out which way the people are already moving, scurry in front of them, and call it "leadership"???


Bagels and legislation don't mix. The good senator will support a bill that will do nothing to protect stupid people from themselves. You can't cure stupid. Try,Cindy,try.


Sorry, Christine.

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