BOE to Vote on Roding

Board of Education members John O'Connor, Mike Krause and John Prins discuss naming the auditorium in honor of Cathann Roding with superintendent Hamlet Hernandez. While Rodin was considered very deserving by all, the process will be more open to the public to provide potential names or speak in favor of a candidate.  

The Branford Board of Education will consider naming the Branford High school auditorium in honor of Cathy Ann Roding.  

BOE chair Mike Krause stated he had received three requests to name the auditorium in honor of the legendary teacher, who spent 32 years as the choir director before retiring this year.

While all of the members agreed Roding was deserving, there was dissent over whether the Board should simply act, or as is typical, form a committee to consider the proposal and hear additional names.

John Prins moved to act immediately, and member John O’Connor stated that while he did not need to act immediately, he did not want to see this as something that would take months and see delays.

But superintendent Hamlet Hernandez pushed to maintain the process of forming a committee, as the public may have additional names. For example, there have been requests in recent weeks to memorialize a student who passed away.

Chairman Krause agreed.

“There may be other constituents that may want to comment on it, there may be other deserving people…and that’s something that the committee would look at,” he explained.

The Board is expected to vote on the proposal in the next 2 months. 

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I personally did not know Cathyann but I did know that she put her heart and soul went into every production and it definetly showed. Each show was a huge success, residents could not wait for her next production to unfold, mostly all her productions were sold out!!! I think it is only fitting that this auditorium be named after her, 32 years of unbelievable passion deserves this recognition.


Cathyann exposed all students to the axiom that success in any field is usually the result of focused passion.


This would be one of the few things The Board of Education has done that won't cost us a lot of money.


I was in Cathyann's first class at BHS and she absolutely transformed the mundane music department into a vibrant one. She was a supportive, loving teacher who sought out and created exciting projects that to some seemed daunting. Nothing was impossible for her. Congratulations, Mrs. R! Margaret Palumbo-Fuhrman (Class of 1986).


I think the idea is great but we should also recognize Cathyann's counterpart Toni Cartisano. They were the dynamic duo who made the BHS Theater Program what it is today.


I think they should name the space for a bird or a flower.Everyone likes birds and flowers....or maybe a butterfly.


Nice, I like this blog.

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