Scholarship Recipients

Front row (L-R):James Dering, Noah Pantani, Julia Howard-Flanders, Alyssa Parzych ; Back row (L-R): Aleksandras Karosas, Nathaniel Jarvie, Oliva Datre, Ashley Roding; Not pictured: Solenne Smith, Michael Vaccaro, Dalton Childs, Karina Khoultchaeva, Spencer Mariotti, Louis Orifice. 

On June 6, 2017, the Branford Community Foundation was pleased to provide $19,000 in scholarship awards to fourteen Branford High School seniors. The scholarship awards and scholarship recipients are as follows:

Austin Ryer Memorial Award: Nathaniel Jarvie

Bob Dow Scholar/Athlete Scholarship: Julia Howard-Flanders

Carol and Jim Redden Memorial Scholarship: Ashley Roding

John B. Sliney Memorial Scholarship: Alyssa Parzych and Karina Khoultchaeva

Kendra Martin Scholarship: Solenne Smith

Linda Edsall Winward Scholarship: Spencer Mariotti

P.J. Ferriolo Memorial Scholarship: Aleksandras Karosas

Philip A. DeLise Scholarship Award: Louis Orifice

The William Owens Jr. and Attorney Robert M. Owens Scholarship: Olivia Datre

Vincent Giordano, Sr. Scholarship Fund: James Dering and Noah Pantani

William Schwanfelder Scholarship: Michael Vaccaro and Dalton Childs

The Branford Community Foundation benefits all residents by pooling contributions from like-minded citizens, managing these funds with professional guidance, and then carefully granting a portion of the income generated through grants, scholarships and leadership initiatives.  As a multipurpose permanent local charitable endowment, the Branford Community Foundation helps to build a healthy and successful community by supporting everything from basic needs and health services, to local environmental issues and education, to the arts and other programs.

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Oh how will be the talk of the town!

wisdom guy

Congratulations to the students who received those scholarships...there were also additional scholarships awarded to other graduating students but they were not mentioned in the article because they were not under the aegis of the Community Foundation.


Nice, I like this blog.


Nice, I like this blog.

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