Dear Parents and Community Members:

This morning, Branford High School was notified that a member of our school community has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). The affected person was last in school on Tuesday, September 22nd, and has been instructed to remain on home isolation for 10 days. Anyone who is considered a “close contact” with this person will or may already have been contacted by school officials and/or public health officials and provided with instructions on the appropriate steps to take.

In collaboration with the East Shore Health Department, the District has determined that there is no reason to close school or cancel in-person classes due to the sufficiency of the District’s current cleaning protocols and mitigation measures. We ask that parents/guardians, students, and staff continue to monitor their health and to stay home and contact their medical provider should they experience any of the symptoms below.

❑ Fever (100.4° Fahrenheit or higher)

❑ Chills or shaking chills

❑ Uncontrolled new cough (not due to other known cause, such as chronic cough)

❑ Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

❑ New loss of taste or smell For additional information on COVID-19 symptoms, please see the CDC website at the address below:

The District is closely monitoring this situation and will provide additional information should it be required.


Hamlet M. Hernandez 

Superintendent of Schools


(8) comments


Wear that MASK, Social distance, Wash hands !


listen to the nazis...wear a mask, wash...200k died (800k die of flu each year)

Covid will be over on Nov 4.


30,000 die of flu each year. And when the death toll reaches 300 or 400 thousand by Christmas, what will you say then? Why are you so opposed to staying safe?



99.97 survival rate of covid.

Democrats love control over people. (most work in government - teachers, state workers) and get paid regardless and like to sit home and collect paycheck.

The taxpayers - the suckers who pay for union thug teachers to work half the years have to go to work.

Covid is not bad....I choose freedom over listening to so called experts from yale that love a tragedy so they can get on tv/radio and dummies like you believe everyone word.

Try having critical thinking and think for yourself for one time in your life.

If only 200k died...not that bad.

If I die so be it...but I am not dying at home or on my knees....I will die working and living and being free.

Were your freaking mask if it makes you feel safe. But get the hell out of my way. I have had enough of snowflake french loving fraidy cats!




No one will report that, throughout the upcoming school year, students are more likely to become sick with the flu than become sick with COVID 19.


Columbus Day - All those teachers, students, protester who hate columbus and want statue torn down all over USA. You are all working in the school and going to school or work - right? After all, you taking the day off would be hypocritical...right? ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha...what a bunch of phony people. Hate Columbus. Love the Day Off!.


You are one angry desperado

Might you need some help


did you take the day off to celebrate your hate of columbus? hahahahahahgahgahgaghagh

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