Single Use Plastic Bag at Wal-Mart

The plastic bag ordinance passed in Branford in June is about to become more stringent as we enter the new year.

When the law passed on June 12, a six month provision was included to give retailers time to adjust to the new single use plastic bag ban. Once a law passes, a 15 day time period is allowed after public notification before it becomes law, placing enactment at the end of June.

The six month delay on the local ordinance will expire in late 2019. This means that as of the start of 2020, no retailer will be able to offer single use plastic bags, even at a charge, in Branford.

Many retailers have already taken this step, but some have been offering them at a 10-cent chare to be paid the state. Some retailers also offer paper bags at a 10 cents charge, that fee is theirs to keep.

When the state passed its plastic bag law, it also enabled local town ordinances to be passed. Many towns chose to do so, including Branford.

The law on the state level has been extremely successful in its goal of reducing plastic bag use, and encouraging the use of reusable bags. Revenue expected from the 10 cent charge was significantly lower than expected, indicating that consumers have quickly adjusted, or have been willing to pay a 10 cent fee for plastic bags.

But come the start of the new year, paying a fee for plastic bag is no longer an option, and retailers cannot use them. Single use plastic bags can also not be distributed on town property, something that can impact retailers working local festivals and events.

First selectman Jamie Cosgrove indicated announcements will be sent out as a reminder to residents and retailers this month. 

Many retailers, like Stop and Shop, Big Y and Staples have already stopped use of plastic bags. Smaller retailers, like Caron's Corner and Hornets Nest Deli, have followed suit. In many case, consumers either bring their own bags, or chose not to use a bag at all for smaller items. 

The full state ban on plastic bags starts in July of 2021.


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Stop & Shop still use plastic bags for Peapod. Shop Rite is East Haven uses a thicker not a 1 time use plastic bag for $.10


Walmart still offers for the .10 That will be an interesting watch after the new year.


So we shift the usage from one place to another. What really did we save when you take all the side effects into account? No one seems to know.

I know that for us they never were "single use" plastic bags.

Sometimes just for fun I take these "single use" plastic bags to the grocery store to use them to bag groceries. I keep half a dozen in the car.


No more ‘single use’ plastic bags from Stop & Shop, But we still have to dispose of wet garbage. The garbage bags that we purchased are much thicker than the tissue thin grocery bags. We are definitely using much more plastic as a result of the environmental ban.

Also, we haven’t noticed any cost savings being passed on by Stop & Shop in the form of lower prices.


More propaganda from the fake media, the bags were never "single use bags", just plastic bags.


Costco has them 1000 for $15.00.


The Costco in Branford?


Forgot to bring my bags yesterday to S&S. Had to buy paper bags for .10 each. Why? If previously the plastic bags were free why aren't the paper ones? And they get those bags for a whole lot less than .10, so now they have turned this into a money maker. Anybody who thinks this plastic bag ban has any real affect on anything in real life and in the grand scheme of things, is just drinking the kool aid. Unless you are walking everywhere and living in a log cabin with candles and a fireplace, I don't want to hear from you.


I'm not an environmentalist because they have a tendency to over react and their solutions typically (taxes) hurt the middle class and poor, most industrialized nations send their plastic to either Africa or poorer SE Asian countries which either recycle, burn or dump it into the oceans. I must admit, eliminating plastic waste is a worthy cause. 80% + of the oceans plastic comes from 8 rivers in the world, 2 in Africa and 6 in SE Asia. Leave your bags in your car.


Please help me out. How do you dispose of wet, food garbage? By that I mean plate scrapings, fat trimmings, fruit and vegetable trimmings and peelings accumulated during meal preparations and occasional spoiled leftovers. And, possibly another reader has a productive solution.

We are on a septic field, with no garbage disposal. Sink disposal is absolutely out of the question and composting garbage creates a rat & rodent issue. There are no pig farms nearby.

We had been disposing our wet garbage in Stop & Shop and other grocer’s thin plastic bags. The garbage was carted off to one of the regional incinerators where the plastic bags were shredded and burned. They were not sent off to Africa, China or Appalachia. They were burned at high temperature in environmentally certified incinerators that produced electricity.

Since Connecticut rolled out its plastic bag ban, we’ve been purchasing replacement bags to replace the previously free Stop & Shop bags. However, the irony is that these bags are much thicker than the tissue thin grocery bags. Those bags were only a fraction of a mil in plastic thickness, the commercial garbage bags are several mils thick. Each commercial bag contains up to six times the quantity of plastic as the old bags!

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