The Soundview Family YMCA of Branford made a brand new addition to the facility this past month: A huge three-story high indoor playscape, located in the back of the facility's Child Watch section.

The playscape, which features a slide, giant pogo stick, rockwall and various climbing elements, is available for usage to YMCA members and youth programs alike. The room also has a seating area, rest area and tables for parents or guardians. The new addition is just one part of a larger project that includes the rest of the property, Executive Director Doug Shaw said.

Along with the playscape, the YMCA now sports a brand new full-size outdoor basketball court with six baskets, two classrooms for programming, and an expanded Wellness Center and Cycling Room. The facility doubled the size of the Wellness Center and Cycling Room, adding several new pieces of equipment, bikes and treadmills for members to use.

"The YMCA Board of Managers and Staff planned this expansion to meet the needs of our present members," Doug Shaw told BranfordSeven. "Our goal was to increase our wellness offerings, youth programs and family activities, while also adding more parking. We accomplished this with generous supporters of the YMCA and we thank them for their continued support."

The $2.2 million project took roughly one year to complete, and also features over 40 new parking spaces behind the building. The project was constructed by OR&L Construction of Branford. OR&L was also responsible for the YMCA's original project when the building first opened in 2010.

One million of the overall costs came as a grant from the state, the remainder from fundraising efforts.

The YMCA offers several different youth programs that will use the new playscape daily, including Child Watch, SACC and Y Be Fit. Once June comes around, the longtime Soundview YMCA Summer Camp program will have access to it as well.

The playscape, along with the other new additions in the building, are designed to help further promote the YMCA's main goal: To help develop a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. The Soundview Y has helped shoreline residents of all ages in those areas for the past seven years, and will continue to do so with its new playscape for the kids, as well as two expanded wellness rooms for the adults.

The Soundview Family YMCA is located on 628 East Main Street of Branford, and is open to members and guests every day of the week. For further information on the facility, you can visit their website at

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Bernadette Lane

An amazing job for sure. They managed to expand it to a really great level. A friend of mine who offers rush term papers works there and he really loves it.


This is great work done by the Soundview Family YMCA. Especially, youngsters will be thrilled to have a go at the Rockwall and various climbing elements. The addition of the basketball court will draw in a huge number of basketball enthusiats. Furthermore, the increase of space of the wellness center and the cycling room will also provide people with additional recreational facilities. Besides, the needs of the present generation have been nicely accomodated in the whole sporting complex. The complex will be highly beneficial for the community and children by building sporting spirit in them.
Basketball court flooring

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