Le Petite Cafe Interior

Business Insider, the popular business website, combined reviews from a variety of sources to create a list of the top restaurants in every state. Branford Le Petit Cafe, which was named in the best in the state recently by Zagat, took the top prize in Connecticut for BI as well. Regarding the Branford treasure, they said:

Named No. 1 in the state by Zagat, French-inspired Le Petit Cafe focuses on simple, fresh flavors — Chef Ip believes in letting the food speak for itself. With the $55.50 prix fixe menu, guests choose from a host of carefully curated appetizers and entrees, including duck leg confit, miso-glazed Chilean sea bass, or "Provençal Style" rack of lamb, all prepared by Chef Ip himself.

See the full Business Insider article here.

Congratulations to chef Roy Ip and his family for this honor!

Le Petite Cafe owner Roy Ip

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Food is a personal preference. I would make Lo Manaco's number one for their authentic Italian food.


I had an annoying experience at Le Petit Cafe years ago. The food was okay, but we had the last table in the rear next to a room that had a curtain in the door way. The curtain was open and a child was sitting there playing with a coloring book while a couple of adults milled about. The child was well-behaved and the people were quiet, but it ruined the ambience of the $100 dining-out experience. I felt like I was at an inexpensive Chinese restaurant!


Ahhh..how so?

Peter Black

Anon at 12:37. I suspect that that well-behaved child was the son of owners Roy & Winnie, now quit grown up. One of the wonderful things about Le Petit is it is a classic family business. I have had great meals at LoMonaco's, but the quality has varied, too. LoMonaco's has far more hours of operation, so I suspect their kitchen staff varies, so the quality of the food does, too. On the other hand, if Roy and Winnie are not available, Le Petit is closed. Moreover, it's ambiance is not meant to evoke the formality of Maxim's or the Ritz, but a country, french bistro. Besides, the Ritz is closed for renovations.


We have been going to le petit for years. The food is tremendous and the interior makes you feel as if you are in a French bistro. Their has been consistency in the food for years. This a well derserved honor for Roy and Winnie


This honor could not have gone tons better restaurant. The food is consistently excellent and the interior although small gives you the reality of being in a French bistro. Congrats to Roy and Winnie!


Had a bad experience with this place. While making a reservation for 10 people I was told I would need to call the day before to confirm that the reservation would be honored. I was actually making the reservation for a group coming from out of town (I'm a wedding planner) He said he wouldn't keep the reservation unless I called again. I have a kind of a high voice and a minor speech impediment and when I asked him (in an admittedly annoyed tone) if this was totally necessary he became very obnoxious and imitated my voice in response. Might have been having a bad day or whatever but totally unprofessional and uncalled for- I never gave him a penny more and never will.

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