Jodi Burns

One shoreline resident is betting on your love of a warm, made-to-order donut.

Blazing Fresh Donuts, a new donut shop, will be celebrating its grand opening in Guilford on June 15.

And in doing so, it will be introducing a new donut concept to the Connecticut shoreline, and starting a new chapter in the life of its founder, Jodi Burns.

Burns, a Branford resident, spent the last 20 years on Wall Street. A company buyout allowed her the opportunity to take some time off and travel something that took her to many places around the globe on multiple continents.

The global travel can be an eye-opening experience, and left Jodi questioning if she really wanted to return to corporate America, or look for a new career path.

But it was an annual family vacation to Delaware that would give her a direction.

Riding bikes, the family stopped at a local donut shop. The donuts were served warm, and made-to-order, meaning each person could choose their own toppings, a Cold-Stone-Creamery concept for donuts.

That bite into a warm, custom donut would be, quite literally, life-changing.

At first, it was just a running joke. She would start a donut business, and her young nephews would work tee, and would be paid in you guessed it, donuts.

But a crazy idea in the mind of a business professional soon morphs into writing a business plan, and from there, a viable path to fruition.

That plan also told Jodi that Guilford would be an ideal location. The 16 Church Street location is near the town center, near schools and the community house.

And with the made-to-order concept, this shop is for more than just picking up a dozen donuts. It’s about the experience.

“The whole donut making experience will be in front of you,” explains Burns. “The store is laid out in such a way that you can see the donut being fried, then be close enough to the process that you can interact with the staff as your donut is being made.”

For now, all of the base “cake” of the donut will be vanilla. Once fried, you can choose from countless toppings, from basic chocolate and sprinkles to candy to bacon.

“I think our customer is looking for joy or comfort,” she says. “Either something great has just happened and you want to celebrate, or you are looking to be comforted, and a warm donut is perfect for that.”

That fun, interactive, joyful experience is something Burns wants to create for each customer as they enjoy the process, and that feel expresses itself, not only in the physical location but also the new website, which she created.

For example, without reviews as the shop has yet to open, the only review that can be found is from an admittedly biased source: her mother.

"I’d drive hours for these amazing donuts!” the review states. “And the owner is so pretty!"

For now, the menu will be simple: made-to-order donuts, coffee and assorted drinks. The store will open at 7 AM.

An event has been created on Facebook for the Grand Opening. You can find it here. Join the event, and Facebook will remind you to attend opening day.

We wish a lot of success to Blazing Fresh Donuts on their Grand Opening!


Blazing Fresh Donuts

Grand Opening

16 Church Street, Guilford



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