Branford Fireworks

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic and its significant impact on the community, the Branford Fireworks Committee has determined that it is appropriate to cancel the 2020 show. It is with great sadness and with the an abundance of caution that we cancel this show. The choice of postponement was discussed, at this point not knowing the full impact of social distancing restrictions and full regard for the health of Branford’s citizens, we are unable to pinpoint a solid date. We thank the Branford citizens and their guests enthusiasm of our past shows we look forward to seeing all of you in 2021!


Branford Fireworks Committee


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it's official - we are now babies and have turned into france....

Well, good think i have my own fireworks and will launch them with big group of real American and not afraid of their own shadows.....

Guest boom booms ...I show them ! I make my own boom booms!


How can you open the state quicker?



Get a life!!! You are clueless!!!


If you want to be scared all your life - then be scared of nothing.....models were wrong, doctors were wrong, scientists were wrong, gov/mayor/hospitals were all wrong about numbers of deaths - NEVER BELIEVE THEM AGAIN!

hospitals are fudging numbers now to say all deaths are covid19 so hospitals get more fed money.

if this happens again and they shut down state...then the people must demand - NO one gets paid (especially gov workers who get paid by the people) .

You will never have a shut down again if some state/town workers don't get paid...union would not stand for it...union would walk over dead bodies to get paid...hahahahahahhahahah

Virus was all a scam - not a lot of people dead but lots of unemployment caused by democrats who want to bring trump down....sad but true

Dems want you to suffer so they can say they can help you with food stamps, welfare, ...Hey, it worked for the black population who keeps voting for dems who like them down and out in projects for 60 years thanks to LBJ....



Seems the guest who is posting is very angry. Guest; you can believe what you want to believe, but I think the refrigerated tractor trailers full of dead bodies because there wasn't any room left in the hospital morgue speaks for itself. Facts and science does not lie. Our current government does. As long as you follow the 'lead' of our so-called Fearless will believe in nothing more than his fantasy world. He will get us all killed for the almighty dollar.


Seem Jo is very obtuse...must work as a teacher or in state government and follows blindly through life what our dear leaders say....hey I work for the town and are believe what leaders tell you and don't question anything in will wake up on death bed and realize you were a follower all your life and never had 1 thought of your own...SAD really.....but enjoy your vapid life. Now, let your cat out and read the New York Times (Pravda) and enjoy your own little liberal reality....btw must be shocked General Flynn was let out of prison....time to lock up obama, comey, paige, struck, and others .

have a nice day clueless obtuse teacher...(no wonder our education budget goes up every year...we have to hire 2 to 3 teachers to teach one class for teachers are obtuse now a days...sad)


folks like Jo want to keep everything locked down for she/he whatever most likely work for government and get paid for her...this is great....keep everything locked down for the little people...just make sure to keep sending town/state check to her and she is fine (getting paid by the little people taxpayers is nice)....

to the young folks out there who are lazy....just get worthless BS degrees in education from southern ct where a monkey can get a degree and become a teacher...and you can be lazy, work half the year, do nothing, teach the same thing every year...same tests and coast through life on the sucker taxpayer dime...budgets will go up every year, you will get a raise ever year and do nothing...nice one will every complain about teachers/raises for the unions will go after that person and say "you don't like kids, how awful you are"

Education budget goes up in branford - but we have less kids....teachers make of over 100k and pension are a teacher and do nothing and just remember to vote democrat to keep the gravy train going.....


American youth consistently test much lower than European youth. And to all the boneheaded comments against teachers etc. pay 100% of your kids education. I don’t have children but pay taxes to have your underachieving kids edumacated. Damned takers!


School Vouchers would solve all.

Most of the morons i knew in college that could not hack it...became teachers (they love half the year and can never get fired)

School vouchers would create competition

School vouchers would make real teachers make more money

School vouchers would make lazy (union) teachers go away and do another job

School vouchers would reduce our property taxes for education budget would go down.

Everywhere else we have competition EXCEPT public education

This is why bloated education goes up every year and results go down.

Teachers/Principals make way too much (salary/benefits/pensions/work 180 days) - can't get fired for bloated union wants more people for more dues.

This will not change until most folks wake up and demand competitions and school vouchers.

If I pay 9k a year in property taxes and 6k goes to education..then I should get a 6k check to send my kids to xavier if I don't want to send to branford high.

However, we are in CT and Teachers union is strong and this will not change. So, for those of you who are lazy, dumb and graduated from southern or central and want a job for life where you can teach same thing every year and never get fired...become a teacher and vote democrat. Join the scam against children and enjoy life on the dumb taxpayer.

Hey, if I had it over again... I would have gone to southern and have a Masters and PHD and run be a super intendent in new haven or branfrand and make over 250k for doing nothing (position is mandated) and just complain about the budget all the while taking my bloated salary for doing a job a secretary or assistant can do.

Education is a racket and will always be a racket and money waste until unions are gone and competition comes to town (this will not be for another 30 to 40 years when the whole system implodes due to pension time bomb in CT.

Can't wait to see this from Florida. (no state income tax state)


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