It may be best known as one of the areas largest day spa’s, but over the last year, By The Sea has seen significant growth in one area outside massages, manicures and pedicures: the sale of CDB infused products, from foot balms to pain relievers. And the demand is increasing.

“We've actually been selling it over a year,” says owner Doreen Costanzo. “Now, everyone is using it; old folks, young folks, Crossfitters use it.”

The growth of CBD, or cannabidiol, is hardly contained to By The Sea. Clients love the results, which have been credited with anything from relieving muscle pain after workouts to epilepsy. Smaller shops are popping up around the state and country, and the demand continues to grow.

Put simply, CBD is an active ingredient in marijuana, but does not produce a “high.” Therefore, it provides some of the medical benefits or marijuana without THC, the ingredient that delivers the “high” in marijuana.

What the benefits are will vary based on each person. Pain relief is the most commonly stated benefit, along with anxiety reduction. Patients with cancer report help in dealing with symptoms, and some studies have linked CBD use to lower blood pressure.

There are multiple ways to use CDB products. At By The Sea, CBD products include a pain-relieving rubs, oral sprays, and foot balms.

As is common with the growth of any industry, countless suppliers are cropping up daily. Costanzo prefers to use CBD for Life, one of the first major companies to provide mainstream CBD products, and has had them on her shelves for over a year.

“We will continue to look at our offerings based on what client needs are,” she explains. Products purchased in house can also be incorporated into a service, such as a massage. Costanzo explains some of her most frequent users are runners, workout enthusiasts, and those seeking pain relief.

Items available at By The Sea Day Spa include CBD for Life Lemongrass and Lavendar Rub, CBD for Life Foot Cream, and CBD for Life Oral Sprays. 


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