As part of Eversource’s commitment to provide reliable power to its customers, the company is investing $5.7 million in system upgrades in the town of Branford.  The work includes installing new, stronger, and thicker utility poles, which can better withstand extreme weather. “Smart switches” are also being added to the system to help restore power outages more quickly when they do happen.  These devices can limit the number of customers affected by an outage and restore power with computer-assisted technology from the company’s operations center, without having to send a crew to inspect the line and make repairs.

“Our job is to ensure customers have the reliable energy they need to  run their businesses and power their lives,” said Craig Hallstrom, president of Electric Operations at Eversource in Connecticut.  “By making these strategic investments, like the ones in Branford, we’re building a more robust and resilient electric grid that will serve our customers well into the future.”

Approximately 142 utility poles are being replaced along North Branford Road (Route 139), Short Beach Road (Route 142), School Ground, Double Beach and Alps roads; Main Street (Route 146), West Main Street (Route 1), Rogers, Kirkham, Maple, Court and Meadow streets; Indian Neck and Clark avenues, Burban Drive, and most side streets in the area.

The project is now underway and weather permitting, crews will be working from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Eversource and its contractors are coordinating with town officials about potential traffic disruptions while the work is ongoing. Customers may experience short power interruptions at times during the course of the project so crews can safely perform the work. Any customers affected will be notified by the company in advance. The project is expected to be complete by the end of September.


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Probably 3 million to remove and butcher trees...... Even perfectly healthy trees that would better withstand storms left untouched


Hopefully they w be careful and selective


Yeah, we see how that works. Moron


If you want to see trees take a hike in the woods.


Living in the Short Beach area in years past we would lose power several times a year for reasons given as squirrel chewed power lines, car hit pole up the street, branch fell on lines. It seemed like the littlest thing would put the whole area in the dark. In the past year or so it has greatly improved and with this new upgrade it will hopefully continue. Nothing is worse than losing your power, especially in the winter!!! No heat!!!!


Eversource, please train your drivers better. There is a state law requiring 3 feet of spacing when passing.


I think a lot of businesses and homes are going to be grateful for this sort of work going on, especially if they want to make sure those telephone poles aren't dropping on their storage sheds and roofing! Especially with all this nut-crazy weather we're getting, better to make sure that all the infrastructure is sound and secure huh?

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