The town of Branford and the recently formed Veterans Advisory Committee have added a new link to the town website for veterans in need of assistance in a variety of areas.

Rich Hansen, a member of the Advisory Committee, explains that while many veterans go to the Veterans Hospital for assistance, sometimes it is simply matter of being able to point residents in the right direction. With the new page and Committee, veterans have a resource to go to or help in contacting the right agency or department based on their specific needs, he said.

The Veterans Advisory Committee held its first meeting in 2015 after being started by first selectman Jamie Cosgrove and approved by the Board of Selectmen. Joining Hansen on the Committee are Dennis Flanigan, Buzz Clem, Richard Dunn and John Cooke.

Many of the issues veterans struggle with deal with mental health, homelessness or basic needs. Links are on the towns site to the Department of Mental Health Services, Connecticut Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Fund, and the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, among others.

“Often it’s help with basic needs, for example, paying for heat one month,” said Hansen. “We want to be here to get them the help they need, or point them in the right direction where possible.”

For those looking to get in touch with the Committee, they can also all Hansen or Flanigan directly. Rich Hansen can be reached at 203-804-3100, and Dennis Flanigan can be reached at 203-415-3181.

We ask that you share this article or send it to any veterans you may know or groups that include veterans in Branford. 

Veterans Encouraged to Reach Out


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