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This site has received enormous support over the last 9 years as it serves as an online gathering place for those looking for accurate and researched information, and a place to share ideas and interact with decision makers and fellow residents. Thousands have commented, shared articles, and supported us with encouragement.

But news and websites take money. Cash. There are web costs, internet costs, utility costs, personnel costs, and more. Over the last 9 years, while we have had some generous donations, it has not been enough to cover monthly costs, even as we look to find a longterm, viable business model, much like most of the news industry is.

So I am asking you for help. Ideally, you would consider a subscription, an amount each month, as low as $10. If you can do more, great, but $10 per month is a huge help. A subscription model helps up make financial decision moving forward as we have a better predictor of income.  

If you like to avoid subscriptions, I can understand that. Then please consider a one time donation, although you can make it as often as you would like.

You may be wondering why we simply don’t sell more ads. Here’s why: its something of a catch-22: if we hire a salesperson and add commission to ad rates, it gets much harder to sell ads. So to keep the ad costs reasonable (lower than almost any other media, despite our significant reach), we sell direct to businesses. However, there are only so many hours in the day, and selling ads and covering news to the level we do would not be possible.

So, ideally, we are trying to create a long term model that sees half of our costs covered by advertising and half covered by our readers directly. And that can start at just $10 per month.

We also realize not every article is loved by everyone. But honestly, they shouldn't be. We ask tougher questions, dig deeper, and take a closer look as issues than most, and the deliver the results. Ultimately, we believe this helps residents be better informed, and we will never shy away from this approach. And based on your feedback, you don't want us to. We thank you for that.

We have worked hard to bring you the news, analysis and now podcasts so that you have access to as much information as possible. And we have loved doing so. We only ask now that you consider helping us create a sustainable model for the future, so we can continue doing what we believe has value to all residents in town.

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