Melissa Marottoli Hogan Gala

On March 2, 2019, the Shoreline community will be gathering for the 7th annual Gala For A Cure on March 2nd at Woodwinds in Branford. The dignified guest list includes over 500 supporters, including some of the most renowned doctors at Smilow Cancer Hospital, elected officials, local business owners, and our very own hometown American Idol, Nick Fradiani. This event promotes continued development of immunotherapy research and brings together a community of amazing people who support this worthy cause.

The Melissia Marottoli Hogan (MMH) Foundation continues to fund transformative breakthroughs and innovations for late stage cancer treatment. Utilizing medical advances in immunotherapy, patients achieve outcomes resulting in 6-7 years or more with no resurgence of cancer, using medicinal practices to activate the patient’s own immune system and control cancer.

The MMH Foundation supports research for treatment options immediately directed at improving quality of life, with the ultimate goal of curing lung cancer. Over the past several years, the MMH Foundation has worked directly with Dr. Scott Gettingher from Smilow Cancer Hospital, one of the world’s predominant doctors in immunotherapy research. Their advances in immunotherapy have replaced toxic chemotherapies as first line therapy for patients with advanced cancers whose tumors express a particular marker. The foundations beneficiaries research safer, more effective, modern therapies; harnessing patients own immune system to fight the disease.

The MMH Foundation has touched so many local families who have been affected by cancer and vehemently supports the common goal of finding hope and eradicating this disease. We ask the community to once again come together, support our local research labs, and help make a lasting difference in cancer research. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit the MMH Foundation website.

“Advancements have moved relatively quickly, with the first lung cancer specific trial evaluating these newer immunotherapies starting only 7 years ago," explained Dr. Scott Gettingher. "Some patients from the first trial still are without evidence of active disease, which is 6 to 7 years after initiating immunotherapy (4 to 5 years after completing immunotherapy without subsequent therapy). This progress is profound. We are increasingly identifying molecular alterations that drive lung cancer and developing medications that target such alterations. Immunotherapy has become the mainstay of treatment, with more and more people living well with lung cancer. Despite dramatic and durable responses, many still suffer and succumb to the disease. The recent discoveries and new medications have offered only a glimpse into the potential of targeted therapies, harnessing the immune system to control and/or eradicate cancer. We now need to push open the door to provide a path to recovery for more patients. Thanks to the support from the Melissa Marottoli Hogan Foundation, we will continue to do so.” 

Founded by the family and friends of Melissa Marottoli Hogan, who lost her battle with lung cancer at only 31 years old, MMH Foundation was established to honor her life and seek to support ground-breaking lung cancer research, to promote lung cancer awareness, and to provide assistance to lung cancer afflicted families. The Foundation donates all net proceeds, has no paid staff, and enlists the help of sponsors and volunteers to promote the cause of finding a cure. The MMH Foundation achieved 501(c)(3) status in 2014.


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