The most recent addition to the Shoreline Greenway Trail has been immensely popular, connecting the Tabor Drive area to Pine Orchard, and the path is about to get a new addition.

A walking labyrinth will be installed this Saturday, by members of the public, along the trail. It will be located by Chets Pond, about the halfway point of the Trail. 

Bill Ludwig, a long time Branford resident and labyrinth enthusiast, has led the effort to find a location for the “maze without dead ends” over the last two years. He describes it as a “metaphor for life, having many twists and turns along the path.”

“I wanted to share a labyrinth with the community.” He said “They have had a big impact on my life. It’s a wonderful form of walking meditation.

Ludwig laid out the form of the labyrinth over the last week, and stone for the labyrinth paths will be defined using Stony Creek Quarry granite, which has been donated by the Quarry.

“Doug Anderson, who runs the quarry, was extremely generous in supporting the project,” said Ludwig. And credit needs to go to first selectman Jamie Cosgrove for suggesting the site and supporting the effort, and the town crews for preparing the site.”

The placing of the granite stones along the path will begin at 9 AM Saturday June 29. The public is encouraged to join Ludwig and help create what is sure to become a new Branford landmark.


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I’m glad to help make your dream a reality Bill. Well done sir!


Looks like a sperm penetrating an egg.

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