The iconic Madison Arts Cinema will soon emerge with a new marquee.

Whether you are new in town or a long-time resident of the shoreline, it is hard not to admire the classic signage above the Madison theatre while driving through the center of town. Since becoming the owner in 1999, Arnold Gorlick and his employees have faithfully climbed up a 12-foot ladder during blizzards, torrential rain storms, and everything in-between to change the show times on the marquee. However, Gorlick admits that although he may seem youthful in appearance, he is getting a bit weary of making the climb at his age.

At a recent planning and zoning meeting the commission voted to allow the cinema to replace the current marquee with a new LED display, approximate to the look of the old sign. Gorlick is excited for the change, “I think it will be beautiful, it is the most looked at sign in town.”

The new sign can show color renderings, and is not just limited to a black on white display. “We will of course be promoting what is happening at the theatre as well as any messages which serve the community” said Gorlick.


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How wonderful is this glorious news ? This is the best thing to happen in downtown Madison ever! I can't wait to see the new modern LED sign.I will look at it and be amazed at how wonderful and great and marvelous it is. At night it will come alive and certainly be the talk of the a matter of fact I'm sure it will be the talk of the entire shoreline and beyond. Bravo!

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