Based on member feedback and a desire to expand the Branford community’s appreciation of the arts in all forms, the Branford Arts and Cultural Alliance (BACA) is proud to announce the formation of a Movie Group for its members and the general public. It is our goal to promote film on all levels, from locally produced works to national, well known films.

As we have done in the past, an initial information meeting or all interested will be held to share ideas and goals of the group. Activities held by the group will include going to movies, discussion groups, hearing from directors/writers/artists in film, and more. The group is open to all ages, but participation may be age limited based on the film we may be viewing/discussing based on ratings. An initial information meeting/discussion forum will be held after we gauge interest.

For those interested, please email

We thank you or your support in expanding our promotion of the arts in Branford in all forms.



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Isn't it a generally accepted practice that, the first time an acronym is used in a press release or an article, that the full name of the organization be spelled out?

and the headline says "BACA" while the first sentence of the article references "BAA." for those of us not part of the special in-group, it would be handy not to have to embark on a web search to make any sense of what this article is supposed to be about.


so after my first search, I was wondering why Bikers Against Child Abuse would be sponsoring a movie night in Branford....

(not joking, I had to refine my search to come up with Branford Arts and Cultural Alliance. and I still don't know what "BAA" is unless it is a typo).

Steve Mazzacane Staff
Steve Mazzacane

You are correct, I have edited it. With the spare time and obvious research skills you possess, please let us know if you are interested in writing for our sites.


If writing for your sites just involves copying press releases and making up titles you seem to need a really large staff!


Hi, Steve, Actually, I have contributed several letters/articles to B7 already and will continue to do so. For some reason, when I signed up, I used a pseudonym that I thought would show on screen whenever I posted a comment, but for some reason my real name shows up instead. I will use my real name in articles and letters, but for routine posts, I'd prefer to have an identifier that shows which posts come uniquely from me without my name attached each time. Sadly, there are people who cannot stand it when anyone thinks differently from them, and they are not shy about attacking people over a mere difference of opinion.

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